A Micro SD reader is very helpful in Part 3 of this how to

There are an estimated 100 trillion microbes, give or take a few that reside on and in each one of us. Though people tend to give these tiny critters a bad rap many are necessary to keep us in good working order. They help us to digest our food, are involved in the development of the immune system, and prevent dangerous pathogens from taking up residence..

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In his younger days, Don competed in Dirt Modified Racing on the Nazareth and Harmony, NJ, dirt tracks. Don was proud to be a graduate of Hackettstown High School where for years he held the field and track shotput record and played on Hackettstown’s undefeated football team. He is survived by his loving wife, Janette Sylstra Hendershot; two sons, Michael and Robert of Independence Township; one brother, Richard Hendershot of California; his beloved grandson, Ethan, Raymond Hendershot.

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Integrative care is mostly coming out of private clinics. I am lucky to be able to observe the changes here in West LA and Santa Monica, where it is not uncommon to find different types of doctors, allopathic and alternative, working together on a case. There are other places where it has been illegal to practice any form of medicine except allopathic medicine.

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