Asked if Jordan was now carrying out attacks in both countries

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cheap jordans for sale SubmitPlace an AdPost a JobSell a CarDozens of Jordanian fighter jets bombed Islamic State training centers and weapons storage sites Thursday, intensifying attacks after the militants burned to death a captured Jordanian pilot.As part of the new campaign, Jordan also is attacking targets in Iraq, said Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.”We said we are going to take this all the way; we are going to go after them wherever they are, and we’re doing that cheap jordans,” Judeh told Fox News.Asked if Jordan was now carrying out attacks in both countries cheap jordans, he said: “That’s right. Today more Syria than Iraq, but like I said, it’s an ongoing effort.””They’re in Iraq and they are in Syria and, therefore, you have to target them wherever they are,” he added.The Jordanian military said dozens of fighter jets were involved in Thursday’s strikes on training centers and weapons storage sites.State TV showed footage of the attacks, including fighter jets taking off from an air base and bombs setting off large balls of fire and smoke after impact. It showed Jordanian troops writing messages in chalk on the missiles cheap jordans for sale.