U kunt deze levensreddende aanwijzingen niet alleen in de

Sign in / Join NowPrevious Long Holding, 2009 2015 zPassed Zweig Screen at inclusion ^Current Short Thesis I=component of the IBD 50 at inclusionAn additional resource I have made are three Blog Posts which will be updated every end of the week Top 30 by Dividend Yield, Top 30 by Analyst Score and Top 30 by PEG Ratio. Stocks/Units that have disqualifying metrics are excluded from making any of the Top 30 lists.My plan, after filling my accumulation phase of the Pretty 30, is to then break down my accumulation as 1/3 Top Yield, 1/3 Top Score and 1/3 Top PEG Ratio. The above blogs will give a snapshot at what that would look like at any time for those who would like to follow the same plan.

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